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Cooking & Color believes that shared experiences help us achieve our own personal success.  We recognize the importance of others wisdom and experience.  We've included links to our own personal journey, briefs, and other links we have found along our journey.  Explore!  Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts.   


Nutritional Brief - Vitamin B12

Macro and Micro
nutrients are in the forefront of new strategies to help reduce the epidemic proportions of this disease. While a conscious effort
needs to be made for those diagnosed with diabetes to
alter their personal lifestyle thru food & exercise, we will take a closer look at a water-soluble vitamin deficiency noted in studies of diabetic patients. Vitamin B complex, more specifically B12.


Intuitive Eating for Diabetics

In this fast paced, information everywhere, society in which we live, as a diabetic we are bombarded with conflicting information daily about our disease, its cure, food we should eat, and even how we should eat. In this brief we are going to look at the Conscious eating trend and how it appears to be in conflict with what western medicine is telling us, and how we might adapt this lifestyle as a diabetic or pre-diabetic to bring about positive changes in our lives as we manage this chronic disease.


Eating Raw

When’s the last time you sat down for lunch or dinner and had a salad? Ever eat a piece of fruit from the stand alongside the road? How about the last time you grabbed a handful of carrot sticks for a quick snack? You are eating raw! There was a time before farming, before horticulture really, where we were all hunters and gathers. We ate what we found, usually raw and uncooked. Think berries, grasses, nuts & seeds.
All of us today eat a portion of our diet raw every day. It’s our choice, or the chef’s choice, if we prepare it beyond its natural state. Eating things closer to its origin of growth brings the most flavor, nutrients, and wellness to our bodies.


Nutritional Brief - Magnesium

By many in the nutritional circle, Magnesium, is known as one of the hardest working minerals that we have in our bodies. While there are only a few ounces in our body (less than .05% of body weight), it is responsible for assisting in several hundred enzymatic reactions in our body .


Nutritional Brief - Chromium

Chromium is a micromineral that our bodies require in trace amounts and in most circles considered essential, in other words our bodies can’t make it and must come from outside sources thru food or supplementation.



Discover your eating habits & insights into your relationship with food. 


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