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Ray Orndorff, Managing Partner, Cooking & Color, LLC

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Shirley Orndorff, Principal,  Upstart Yoga & Upstart Learning Group, LLC

Hi!  Our journey to wellness began over 20 years ago.  Shirley has been a Yoga practitioner and a health nut since the beginning.  Ray is a self trained home cook and recently certified wellness coach.  We've been together for over 25 years and decided to launch these wellness businesses to share our passion.

Both Ray & Shirley are retired corporate executives having worked for several Fortune 500 organizations.  These corporate experiences have provided us with a solid foundation in life coaching and team-building that have carried over into our companies. 

Upstart Learning Group, LLC was formed to provide a platform for us to share nutrition, wellness, cooking and personal growth with you.  We believe that everyone's journey is unique and there is no one box or direction for one person's road to wellness. 


Each company offers unique and varied services for one's personal journey.  Upstart Yoga provides individual and group sessions in Hatha Flow, Yin Yoga & Chair Yoga. 


Cooking & Color offers a new way to look at shopping, preparing & eating colorfully thru a simple and fun approach to nutritious meal preparation. 


Finally, Upstart Learning ties all of this together thru unique event driven content for company wellness programs, conferences and motivational workshops to build stronger teams thru mindful approaches to teams.

Won't you join us in discovering your journey?  Follow us, subscribe, or just poke around on our website. 

-Ray & Shirley

Contact:      |  678.488.4040

Contact:   |  678.644.9148

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