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About Shirley

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Shirley Orndorff, Principal,  Upstart Yoga & Upstart Learning

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I'm Shirley Orndorff, founder and principal of Upstart Yoga and Upstart Learning, two of the companies under the Upstart Learning Group, LLC.   


I started my own company in 2015 but have been practicing Yoga since 2005.  I remember the first time I took in a class.  Before the class started, I asked the lady next to me why she did Yoga.  She said her doctor told her she needed back surgery, instead she took up Yoga and avoided the surgery.  I thought WOW!, I never expected that.  I thought if Yoga can help people avoid surgery, than it’s definitely going to be good for me.  Of course, it has in so many ways.

Now, I am a Yoga Teacher, I want to help everyone.  I believe in this world of abundance, everyone can experience Yoga in some form.  There are so many styles of Yoga.  It’s a 5,000 + year old practice and there is so much to learn.


I not only teach classes but I have worked to put Wellness Programs and events together for corporate clients.  My former business career experience in Training & Development has enabled me to combine my background in business with Wellness experiences, so I can offer clients the best of both worlds.


Here’s a sampling of what a Wellness Program Event might look like:

Corporate Conference – Upstart Yoga offers Chair Yoga, Sound Meditation, Chair Massage, Sensory Experiences with food and aromatics.

Offering Yoga class sessions in Hatha Flow, Yin Yoga, and Chair Yoga.

To your health!


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