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About Ray


Ray Orndorff, Managing Partner, Cooking & Color, LLC

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I'm Ray Orndorff, founder and managing partner of Cooking & Color, LLC, one of the companies under the Upstart Learning Group, LLC.   


A seasoned, retired corporate executive with an eye for colorful meal preparations. I am passionate about healthy cooking.  Over 18 years ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and like millions of others, I had to make changes to my lifestyle.  The biggest change is cooking with color to improve my health and feed my passion for cooking.

It is this diabetic journey that led me to further my studies in Holistic Nutrition Coaching, and hone my skills for healthy eating. It’s my desire to bring a fun and simple approach to preparing healthy meals by using color. I offer a light-hearted approach to nutritional education and perform cooking demonstrations for all ages, with a concentration on our senior population.  

Eat fresh, eat colorfully, and enjoy the path you’ve chosen for your health and wellbeing.  For further information on how you can incorporate easy, colorful plates into your wellness journey, please reach out to me by clicking the contact me button on the left.

To your health!


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