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Cooking and Color on the road...

What a whirlwind start to my externship/internship with the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch up in the Sawtooth Mountains. I was hired to work with the executive chef, Victor Kendlehart, to prepare staff/family meals for 20-25. This seasonal opportunity provided an outlet for my passion of cooking with color. not only to ensure the nutritional value, but the 'eye appeal' of the dishes. We eat with more than our mouth, we eat with our eyes. Things that are visual appetizing start our digestive process even before we taste our first bite!

My days are long, but rewarding. Working in a commercial kitchen is so different than anything I have done previously. Having the support of management and the executive chef to create healthy things for the crew is just a rare and remarkable feat. I am getting used to the split shift, 7 to noon, and then back on again for the evening meal at 3PM until 7. So far I've prepared things like soy honey glazed salmon over basmati rice pilaf, chopped italian salad, scallop and shrimp skewers, and turkey croissant sandwiches with a cranberry aioli.

Part of this 'learning experience' at the ranch includes discovering additional cooking techniques for larger groups. How to prepare a meal and have it all come together at the right time for the right number of people. Lots to learn, but looking forward to picking up the tips and experience along the way.

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