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Healthy eating and feeding your body the fuel it needs thru nutrients shouldn't be hard to do.  Born from this simple concept came cooking with color.  A simple plan to ensuring you are getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs to fuel your day to day journey, to fight off the toxins, and build up our immune system.


Ours is not a complex diet, or set of restrictions.  You don't need a degree in nutrition.  Just look down at the plate of food you are about to eat.  Is it colorful?  Does it look good?  How does it smell?  Is your mouth watering for your first bite?  Along the way in this journey to colorful eating we offer you information about nutrients (just in case you are interested), recipes, tools to help you recognize the signs of good colorful eating, and we want to be cheerleader/coach for your success.  We can help you get started on your journey through a number of different services.


We offer a lighthearted approach to nutritional education and perform cooking demonstrations for all ages, with a concentration on our senior population.  My aim is to provide a colorful, nutritious and simple approach to preparing meals for healthy lifestyle changes.

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Team Talk

Team Building

Need more from your TEAM?

Every organization relies on strong teams for success.

Teams function better when they know the people they are working with.  In today's environment, more and more people work remotely so it's critical that there are team events/activities to allow people to learn more about each other from an interpersonal standpoint.  

Whether your team is new or established, we can improve your teams effectiveness.

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