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Jump start your team's success!


What's more exciting than seeing a team benefit from knowing more about themselves and applying it to reach their team goals?

Our success is in customizing the right solution for your team.  Whether it's an off-site meeting, team retreat, an experiential event, we can develop and deliver any team program. Our desire is to have the leader and the team discover and solve for what they feel is most important to achieving success.  


Using materials designed by famous authors like Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Discovery Cards by XPLANE and other disciplines, we can measure the difference between what your team is currently doing and what they can do to improve their team effectiveness. 


When everyone on the team, including the leader, has a stake in the outcome, it makes it difficult to be objective.  We have enabled teams to step away from "group think" by being that impartial voice.  Facilitating group and team meetings is one way to bring the team to resolution on things they cannot see or solve for themselves. Using Organizational Design principles such as process mapping, competency development, emotional intelligence, and other method tools, we can improve your team dynamics.​Modern research on teams shows that collaborating in teams increases motivation, effort, and productivity. Helping the leader see their role as leading the team through clear communication, training and coaching.  Our experience has engaged the team leaders to develop and deliver training to their own people building credibility and increasing engagement within their teams.


We are about finding the true potential in you and your people. We are certified in well known assessments and tools like Birkman, DISC, Discover your Strengths, 360 behavior analysis instruments, and many more.  


The key to developing a career plan is to understand where you are today and where you want to go.  We research and gather insight to develop core experiences over a specific timeline for personal and professional growth opportunities.

​A key factor to this area is the individual's willingness to become better at self-awareness and to action plan on personal feedback for making change in their behavior.

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