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Dealing with what life puts in front of you

We sadly departed the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho the middle of September after completing our work engagement at the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch. Our time there was both rewarding, and a personal adventure, learning what seasonal work in hospitality was like.

Sunset over 'lone tree' at the Ranch!

We left the ranch knowing what we left behind, and unsure of what was to greet us when we returned to Scottsdale. We found out the last week of August that our primary home had sprung a leak soaked everything in our ground floor. Uggh! We had a great insurance agent who gave us several names of mitigation companies who could help get rid of the water, but the rebuild was going to take some time. By some estimates at least 90 days. It was quite a shock opening the garage door from our car and seeing everything that was inside now stacked and boxed in the garage.

Sometimes you just have to jump in feet first and deal with what life throws at you. Maybe that's our nature because of our age, or how both of us were raised. But this is what Shirley and I did once we got back to Scottsdale. We divided and conquered the tasks that were before us. Shirley finding us hotel room(s) to stay in until we could arrange for more permanent living arrangements, and I tackled the insurance companies and contractors so we could get started on the reconstruction. Shirley taking on the tasks of getting our contents packed up and stored for the duration of the rebuild and my acting as general contractor to get the job started.

We put both our business efforts on hold for Upstart Yoga and Cooking and Color while we worked tirelessly to complete the tasks in front of us. Our reward came when we could officially stay in our newly renovated home (with still a few things left to complete) on the 1st of December! It wasn't easy, from Shirley dealing with lists of damaged contents and replacement, to my 4 refrigerator deliveries (yes 4!) through a narrow 31" opening to our kitchen. We did it and we are excited to once again be able to concentrate on helping others with wellness thru our companies!

Sometimes you just don't have time to think you just do...

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