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All about us and how to get in touch today to start on your path to better health and wellness!
Our Vision

Doing what I love and sharing my passion for Yoga is what inspires me.  Upstart Yoga was born out of finding a way to combine years of training skills and knowledge with an opportunity to serve the Yoga community as a Yoga teacher.  We create unique yoga experiences that ignite the body, mind and soul.  These experiences provide a continuum for a personal yoga practice or a team practice for special wellness events to achieve optimal health and happiness for all.

About Us

Upstart Yoga is a boutique consultancy focused on Yoga and wellness.  Specialty in wellness program development for corporate events- helping leaders and teams improve their meetings by introducing ideas for a wellness practice.


Shirley Orndorff is a certified Yoga instructor, specializing in Hatha Flow, Yin Yoga, and Chair Yoga. Shirley's corporate training background in leadership and team building enhances her unique instruction capabilities.  She is driven to provide every student a quality and helpful path to wellness thru her practice.  .  She believes in this world of abundance, everyone can experience Yoga in some form.  There are so many styles of Yoga.  It’s a 5,000 + year old practice and there is so much to learn.


She not only teach classes but has worked to put Wellness Programs and events together for corporate clients.  Her former business career experience in Training & Development has allowed her to combine her background in business with Wellness experiences, offering clients the best of both worlds.   

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Contact Us

Upstart Yoga offers many programs for individuals, corporations & groups; in your own home, work or corporate event.  TAGLINE?


Reach us by email, phone, or click the button to the right, fill out the form, and we can discuss how to get you started on your journey today!

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