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Summer 2021 - Another adventure in the great West!

Glacier Nat'l Park - Montana

It's hard to believe that its time to pack up the RDX and head out for the summer on yet another adventure. It just seems like yesterday we were heading back from our last trip to the Sawtooth National Recreation area and the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch. We met lots of great people during our 3-1/2 months working at the ranch. Vic, Connie, Kelly, Bailey, and others we have stayed in touch with. We decided to expand our horizons a bit and took a 4 month contract with Pursuit Collections who run the lodges in Glacier Nat'l Park. I'll be working in the employee kitchen and Shirley will have gift shop duty and teaching Yoga on the side.

It was a very unusual fall and winter, first with having to put our entire first floor of our townhome back together after a broken water line flooded the area. Of course on top of that was COVID. We are hoping this summer brings back some normalcy to our lives and we are looking forward to meeting lots of new people and exploring a part of the country that neither of us have spent any time in.

Follow us here as we trek up thru eastern Utah, stopping at Arches and Canyonlands to get our legs under us again. you can also follow our travels at

Can't wait to share some of our experiences with you along the way! Hope to see you out on the trails...

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